Michael Russell

We have found both Matt and Daniel very good to work with and we are very proud of how the project is commencing. We are on time, on budget and the finish of the apartments so far is exceptional.

From the outset Coastech was keen to do this project and it was evident that they were not going to go into the build without the correct preparations. Matt spent many hours studying the project looking for cost savings and improvements to design to ensure that we would end up with a high quality project once completed even before we had agreed to the contract.

As with any project there will always be unforeseen problems that occur but Daniel has been onto each issue working on cost effective solutions as to keep this project on budget. Daniel’s advice and help to overcome problems that were not necessarily build problems but related to site problems was invaluable.

I highly recommend Coastech constructions as project managers. Coastech are professional and easy to work with, they have helped us through the build process to make good decisions in design and colour to create a project that we can all be proud of and this project is a testament of their work.

Michael Russell - director