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Balcony Edge Trim

One detail we use on all our balconies is the Balcony Edge Trim.

These are a great solution that is not mandatory but addresses 3 critical points when detailing this area.

  1. We integrate ours to the waterproofing so any water that goes through to under the tile is directed through the drain holes in the trim and is disposed clear over the wall surface below. This eliminates the ugly marks or efflorescence that may show up on the face edge of a balcony when the moisture is allowed to roll down the face.
  2. A great flashing detail is provided to protect and finish the top of the balcony face material.
  3. The face edge of the tile is concealed from view, the trim can then be painted of left aluminium mill finish.

These trims are available in sizes that allow for tile bedding or direct stick tiles.